.22 LR Might Be A Better Defense Round Than You Think

I’m not saying this article over at the Defend Thyself blog of Guns and Ammo Magazine is a definitive study on the effectiveness of the .22 LR cartridge, but it does raise an interesting point:  People don’t like to get shot, whether it be with a 338 Lapua or a .22 LR.

Given the other useful things that can be done with the .22LR cartridge, It’s starting to look more and more like it will become my primary ammunition stockpile for surviving a SHTF scenario.  I’ve got to go gun shopping pretty soon.

If you were too lazy to read the article, the guy used a .22 to fend off multiple attackers, one of whom eventually died, in a home invasion.  The guy who died was shot in the hip.  I told you the old reverse Mozambique works.  Everybody always wants to nay say that technique, but you can’t tourniquet a shot between the hips.


Zombie Survival Guide: Three Useful Shooting Drills To Practice

There are a few things that separate really good shooters from average shooters.  Most of them have nothing to do with being able to consistently hit the target.  Contrary to popular belief, most really good shooters on the target range can’t hit the broad side of a barn in combat.  Such is life.  I’m told the only cure to that scenario is experience.  I understand it gets better with time.

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Zombie Survival Guide: The Most Useful Survival Gun Ever

I know that nothing will start a fight quicker than proclaiming one particular firearm or another the “ultimate survival gun.”  But what the hell?  I’m feeling frisky.

First, the most prevalent and affordable ammunition in the nation is the .22LR.  The round is cheap to buy, and therefore to stockpile, and is useful for a variety of purposes including hunting small game.  I’ve even known people who swear to having taken bigger game such as deer with a well placed shot.  Although it’s not ideal for defense, it can probably be used to scare the hell out of a bad guy in a pinch.  Nobody is going to volunteer to get shot with it, even if it is a small caliber round.

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